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  • About an ugly prince and 3 elves - Gymnázium Písnická – Kvinta – Maruška

Once upon a time an ugly princ lived. His name was Bob. He had one brother, who was called Phil. His brother was really handsome and every girl wanted to be his wife. Bob was really sad, because he wanted a wife, too. One day he said to his brother, that he gave him a donkey on his birthday and he wanted him back. Phil gave him a donkey back and Bob began travelling around the world. He remembered, that behind the Troll’s hill were living two ladybirds. He knew, that only they could learnt him, how to be beautiful. He was really tired, when he finally met the ladybirds. They said, that they could helped him. Behind the Criss cross‘ mountain lived three elves, when he gave them a donkey, they could cooked an elixir of beauty. Bob really wanted to be handsome.

He and his donkey went behind the Criss cross‘ mountain, where they found elves‘ siblings: Tik, Tak, Tok. They looked the same like other elves. They wore green caps, white shirts and purple trousers. When Tik saw the prince, he was really suprised. Bob said, that he wanted an elixir of beauty and he would payed with his donkey. Tik and Tak wanted to start cooking the elixir but Tok had another opinion on this situation. He said: “ You have a nice donkey, haven’t you? If you give him only to me, I will cook another elixir – elixir of love. You won’t be handsome, but everyone will love you on the first sight.“

Prince didn’t know, what to do. But Tik was really clever elf. He said something, what prince remembered for all his life: “You must know, what you want to be. Yes, you have red nose, small eyes, green hair and… what’s this? That‘s really big ears! They look like elephant’s ears. Oh, sorry. So, do you really want to lie everybody about your appereance? “ Bob was really confused. He didn’t know, that he had big ears. But Tik was right. Prince gave him a donkey as a present and went home.

To sum up, Bob was ugly, but it won’t be a suprise for you, if I told you, that he found his wife. She was not really beautiful but they liked each other and that’s the main point. HOMES AROUND THE WORLD 1.docx (181068)

  • Kuba Zuza, Gymnázium Opatov

Lifestyle or style of life is something based on hunderts things like food, work or relationship with other people. You can say that the quality of our lives depends on our lifestyle. If you have a good lifestyle you are happier and healthier but everything is not as easy as you can think. You have to eat more healthy food and it means that you must be ready to pay a bit higher prices. You can start doing some body exercises but you have to do it regularly. You have to stop eating fast-food and drinking a lot of Cola atc... However it isn't only about food or drinks. There is a big difference between somebody who hates his job and somebody who likes it. If you have chance to change your bad job-do it! Very bad for you is smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Very big part depends on place where we live. The last thing is stress. If you are stressed all day and all night you life will be shorter and if you are stressed great quality food, nice place to live or the best job can not help you.

Before many years there wasn't money. if some people wanted to buy for example a cow the had to pay with 5 chickens or something else. They were changing their products. After a few years there was middle ages. In middle ages they starter using money or gold. If their wanted to buy something they had to pay with their money. Now we have got much kinds of money for instance Euros, Dollars or Czech Crowns. Everybody wants money and everybody needs money. Everything what people do is ofr money. You can buy everything but money isn't so great like people usually think. If some richman wants more and more money he can start lending to poor inhabitants usually big amounts which they can't repay. This fact he knew at the beginning and after some time he is ready to sell the loans abroad. The most popular country to sel loans is China. And that was the main reason of world financial crises because these richmen are at NewYork financial market and NY financial market is the most important financial market in the world. If some happend at NY financial market there could be lost 100 bilions dollars per second or 100 bilions dollars could be sent to countries like China or Russia. There is the reason why we are paing bigger and bigger taxes. Thank you American politics!

The eating habits are piece of culture of eachnations. For exaplme in China, you can not eat everything from dish, because they might think that you are not rich. Second China importatnt habit is that you must belch after your meal. Europian habits are very different and i you do not eat all meal people from europe might think opposite thing than in China. Czech eating habits are not too specific. my daily breakfast is always sweet. Some people eat sausages or British ham-and-eggs. I dont like them for breakfast, however, I adore salami and sausages for lunch or dinner. somebody has for breakfast some yoghurt and cereals with fruit. I love cornflakes as well. About 10 o'clock we have 1st snack. Usuall snack is roll with ham, some cheese and with some vegetable. For lunch at school we have always somethin with UHO (UBS-universal brown sauce). Homemade food from my mother is the best meal ever but we have it only at weekend. Dinner can be the same like lunch. My mum is great at preparing fruit or vegetable salads and it means that the dinner do not have to be always warm. Czech national drink is beer and everybody knows, that most important thing is to drink about 3 litres per day.


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